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fitness kickboxing cobourg tae kwon do

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do’s Supreme Fitness Kickboxing classes will give you the tools to improve your physical and mental fitness, help reduce stress, improve your flexibility, increase your strength/endurance, and increase your cardio.

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do Fitness Kickboxing

You will also learn how to use the techniques of Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and MMA(Mixed Martial Arts) to get in great shape and learn some basic self defense as well.

“I started to loss weight and get fit. Also it’s a great price and the schedule is flexible which I need in my line of work. I like how channeling the work out is, even after going for 6 months it is still hard to finish. I have lost inches (fat) and also gained strength and cardio It’s fun and gets you into shape, builds confidence and strength. I really enjoy your class!” Abby


Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran our Supreme Fitness Kickboxing classes will help you meet your fitness goals.

Through an uniquely structured class format that includes a strength building warm ups, strength/endurance and cardio circuits, finished with a cool down/stretch at the end. You’ll find our 60 minute classes a well rounded workout like you have never experienced before.

When you come to class you will learn to utilize the following to help met your goals:

  • Bodyweight Exercises
  • Dumbells
  • Kettlebells
  • Ripcords
  • Wavemaster Heavy Bags
  • MMA Ground & Pound Bags
  • Focus Mitts
  • and much more…

You will also be learning some basic skills from Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and MMA(Mixed Martial Arts) to get in shape and learn some self defense.

“I started kickboxing at Cobourg Tae Kwon Do when a friend of mine encouraged me to go.  I was hesitant at first but she was so enthusiastic about the class that I eventually gave in and decided to give it a try.  From the first class, I was hooked.  It is the best workout I have ever had and it’s available at a very reasonable price.   Every class encompasses cardio, strength training, and core stability through a variety of activities.  I like that Jonathon targets different muscle groups in his classes so that by the end of the week, I know that I have had an excellent all-over body workout. For me, fitness kickboxing has ultimately helped me develop stronger muscle tone, increased my endurance level, and challenged me to push my fitness limits.  If you are looking for an exciting, comprehensive, weekly workout program, I would encourage you to join.” Nancy


You will learn the Martial Arts and Self Defense Skills of:

  • Taekwondo Kicking and footwork
  • Muay Thai Knees, Elbows, and Shin Kicks
  • Kickboxing Punches and Kicks
  • MMA(Mixed Martial Arts) Strikes and Mount/Guard Postions

You will learn how to use the following to help you improve your fitness:

  • Kettlebells
  • Dumbbells
  • Battle Ropes
  • Focus Mitts
  • Bodyweight Exercises
  • Wavemaster Heavy Bags
  • MMA Ground & Pound Bags
  • Kicking Paddles
  • and much more…

We have compiled a bunch of Frequently Asked Questions for you review. If you still have further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be more than happy to answer all your questions.

1. I am an absolute beginner, will I be able to do this class?

Yes for sure. The structured format of the class allows students of all fitness levels and experience to take part and benefit from Supreme Fitness Kickboxing.

2. How many times a week do you recommend I attend classes?

Normally we like to see our students a minimum of twice a week but you are allowed to attend up to four nights a week or just one night a week. It all depends on your fitness levels and goals.

3. How long have these classes been in the area?

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do has been teaching fitness kickboxing for over 15 years.

4. What equipment do I need to have for class?

First you can wear whatever fitness clothing you feel comfortable working out in. We go bare feet in class as we train on a rubber matted floor that is cleaned daily. You can bring a bottle of water or we have bottles of water for sale. Some of our students use MMA gloves which you can order here at Cobourg Tae Kwon Do or you can go bare handed, it’s up to you. Might want to bring a towel in case you sweat a lot.

5. What is the payment structure like?

You can pay on a monthly basis or you can choose to pay 3 months at a time or more. We do offer discounts on multi month payments and family discounts.

6. What type of payments do you accept?

We accept cash, debit card, credit card, money order, or cheque. Whatever it easiest for you.

7. Who teaches the Supreme Fitness Kickboxing classes at Cobourg Tae Kwon Do?

Master Jonathan Field teaches the classes. He owns and operates Cobourg Tae kwon Do. He is certified as a martial arts instructor, a MMA conditioning coach, and Level 2 Kettlebell instructor. He also is a 5th degree black belt in Taekwondo, 8 time world champion, and a 2 time world record holder. His education and experience will help you achieve your goals. We also have other instructors will may teach the classes or lead the stretches on various nights. Our instructions hold various certifications and have many years of martial arts and fitness experience.

8. Are classes hard?

Classes can be as hard or as easy as you want them to be. It all depends on your level of effort. In general our classes are challenging for all fitness levels based on their effort in class. We promise you’ll get a great workout. You will also get out what you put into it.

9. What is fitness kickboxing?

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do’s Supreme Fitness Kickboxing is a exercise/martial arts/conditioning class that utilizes the striking techniques of Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and MMA and combines them with bodyweight exercises, kettlebells, free weights, heavy bags, MMA bags, battle ropes, and etc,. to give you a supreme workout like no other.

10. What will I be learning?

You will be learning the Taekwondo kicks and punches, Muay Thai elbows and knees, kickboxing punches and kicks, and the striking of MMA. You will also learn the basics of Kettlebells, using weights, bodyweight exercises, cardio exercises, battle ropes, and various other aspects of martial arts and fitness training/conditioning.

“A few months ago I started fitness kickboxing to really get into shape and improve my overall fitness. After just the first night I was hooked and couldn’t wait to go back again. Within weeks I was able to do more then before and seeing results so quickly was extremely motivating! I really love the high energy classes and how satisfied I feel walking out of the class each night. After two months of taking the class multiple times a week I have been able to see a huge difference in my stamina and strength. I have also gained a more positive outlook on working out and keeping both my body and my mind healthy. I think that anyone who is looking for an exciting, high intensity work out that will make them feel and look great should join the class as soon as possible, they won’t regret it!” Jenna

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