cobourg tae kwon do fall in school tournament 2016

Tournament Date: Saturday November 26th at 9am

Location: Cobourg Tae Kwon Do  271 Spring Street Cobourg

Must be Registered By: Tuesday Nov 1st at 9pm

  • See Master Jonathan in the office to register
  • Fill out the form you were given or print off form below

$25 for First two events

$10 for each additional event

Lil’ Dragons is $25, includes two events

Everyone wins a medal for each event entered

Divisions will be divided up by age, rank, and etc,.




-One Step Sparring

Lil’ Dragons (Two Events)



  • Competitor will perform a Traditional Korean Form (Forms practice in class)
  • Competitor will be scored on stances, proper strikes, blocks, kicks, chambers, balance, focus, intensity, and knowledge of the form


  • Competitors will perform a Weapons Form they have learned in class or one they have created
  • Competitor will be scored on stances, proper form and technique of their chosen weapon, balance, focus, and intensity


  • Each Match will consist of 2 rounds of 45 seconds with 30 second rest between rounds
  • Competitor who scores the most points after two rounds is declared the winner
  • 1 Point awarded for punches to the body
  • 2 Points awarded for Kicks to the body
  • 3 Points awarded for spin kicks to the body or kicks to the head
  • Only punches and kicks allowed to the body and kicks to the helmet. No facial contact. No grabbing, holding, tripping, or throwing.
  • Competitors must wear chest protector, foot protectors, sparring gloves, helmet, and mouth guard. Must be approved by Master Jonathan
  • Sparring packages at a reduced rate are available to order.

One Step Sparring

  • A competitor will perform three one step sparring combinations which we practice in class.
  • The competitor will use another student as their partner.
  • Competitor will be scored on proper technique, focus, and intensity.

Lil’ Dragons 

Event One: Combinations

  • Each lil’ dragon will perform two pre selected combinations three times each which they will have practiced in class
  • Will be scored on proper form, clean technique, focus, intensity, energy, and proper attitude

Event Two: Kicking

  • Each lil dragon will perform various kicks on paddles
  • Will be scored based on proper technique, power, height, accuracy, focus, intensity, and proper attitude

Private lessons are available to help get students ready for this in school tournament. Please ask Master Jonathan for details and pricing packages.

Students will also receive help during regular classes.

Tournament Form

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